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Making Long-Term Plans for Care for a Loved One With Special Needs

When a loved one, particularly a child, is diagnosed with an intellectual and/or developmental disability (I/DD), family caregivers are often consumed with the here and ...
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two happy sisters outside

Understanding the Causes of Stimming

What is Stimming? If you’ve ever twirled your hair around your finger while watching a movie or drummed your fingers on your desk as you ...
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special needs teenager

Managing Difficult Behaviors in Teenagers With Special Needs

Life as a teenager isn’t easy. Raging hormones, emotional and physical growth, and the increasing pressure and stress from school, extracurricular activities, relationships, and more ...
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Disabled young friends talking in group home

The Power of Group Home Living: Fostering Social Interaction, Inclusion, and Well-Being

We learned during the pandemic how damaging social isolation can be. Yet for someone with an intellectual or developmental disability, isolation is, sadly, quite common. ...
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group of friends sitting on floor playing games

Looking to the Future: The Importance of Considering Residential Care for Your Child with I/DD

As the parent of a child or adolescent with special needs, figuring out how to overcome challenges, keep up with medications and medical appointments, and ...
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disabled young man playing chess

Why Choosing the Right Group Home Is Essential

If someone you love has an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD), you’re in good company. As many as 16 million people in the U.S. are ...
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